Virtual Assistant

Vetting, Training, & Onboarding done for you!


We provide top talent trained with the latest and most effective business skill sets

Fractional COO, recruiting, onboarding, and training all in one...

We specialize in sourcing top talent from around the world for businesses that are looking to grow. Not only do we find and place talent, we train and onboard based on the skillsets your business needs. 

Our goal is to help you delegate and automate business tasks with trusted assistants so that you can focus on your business rather than the mundane execution of tasks.

Top Skills, Lower Cost

Global talent is up to 75% cheaper than hiring within the US. Why pay more for the same quality of work?

Trained Professionals

Not only do we source the top talent for you, we train them to be ready to onboard where you need them most.

Easy Payments

We handle all payments on your behalf so you don't have to worry about exchange rates, payroll, etc.

Growth Potential

We are here to build long-lasting relationships and provide support along the way. You have the opportunity to work with us as is or hire your VA full time.

Don't waste another minute on tasks you can outsource

Virtual Assistants starting at $14/hr

Jenna Henao Headshot 3

Jenna Henao

COO & Founder

Hi, I’m Jenna. I love to bring order to chaos. I am driven to build processes, manage resources, and to create solutions and KPIs that progress towards the company’s vision.

As a former entrepreneur and having spent years working closely with other entrepreneurs, I have extensive experience across the operations spectrum including; HR, Finance, Operations, Recruitment, Management, Sales, and Marketing

I’ve scaled several startups from 6 figure startups to successful 7 figure businesses by setting the right foundations, hiring the right people, and working closely with CEOs to bring their vision to life. My passion in operations and organization has led me to start my own agency to be able to serve and help more startups.